1750 House Updated for Today’s Lifestyle

Imagine rocking on the front porch while you listen to rain pattering on the raised seam metal roof. On winter evenings curl up by the sitting room fireplace, or enjoy a holiday dinner accompanied by a crackling fire in the formal dining room.

We have written before of our love of old houses, and this one checks all the boxes – wood floors, solid doors, windows with original wavy glass, and unexpected nooks and hallways. The incredibly romantic master bedroom has yet another fireplace where you can fall asleep to the fire’s glow. The bedrooms are spacious and have their charming features, but we were especially drawn to the one with the curved bead and board ceiling and two window seats.

“My wife and I both grew up in 18th century homes and when we moved to Maryland an older home was an absolute must. We considered one in Homeland, but decided that we really needed some countryside around us. When we saw this house, built in 1750, we knew we’d found home. The other thing that made this perfect was the family room addition, and the remodeled kitchen. We love old homes, but we also love having these modern amenities. The pool was a wonderful plus.”

Old houses are great, old bathroom can be not so much, but not to worry – the three full baths on the second floor have been fully remodeled, including the master bath with soaking tub and separate glass-walled shower with multiple shower heads.

Large old trees provide shade around this classically beautiful house, including a beautiful southern magnolia that is now spreading its heady scent through open windows and doors and across the lawn to the pool. The sun-dappled back yard has a play set, and the lawns stretch out to the tree line, an invitation to a game of croquet or soccer.

The property includes an old post and beam barn with electricity now used for parking and storage.

And of course there is the pool. Newly renovated, and fully fenced, the sparkling water is an invitation to lounge away your summer afternoons, and take a private dip in the humid, firefly filled nights.

One of the many things to love about living in the countryside surrounding Baltimore City is the ease with which you can move between these two worlds. This sanctuary on over four acres is just a 20-minute drive to downtown, and 2 minutes to Wegman’s and Trader Joe’s.

But honestly, why would you ever want to leave?