Downsizing/Senior Moving


For a senior and their family, the move to a new home can be challenging. The Whit Harvey Group has a caring, considerate and supportive process for managing this process. It starts with an evaluation of our client’s needs and ends at their new home. Between those two points are a thousand little details—and we take care of all of them, because it’s our job, and it saves your time.

“Our years of experience helping our clients prepare and sell their homes can make the difference between a potentially stressful experience and a smooth transition to a new life.” – Whit Harvey

The Whit Harvey Group has good relationships with local retirement communities and assistant living facilities. They understand that timing is essential. A senior homeowner may be waiting for the “perfect” living arrangement to become available, and the team is always ready to work within their schedule – whether it is a year or two in the future, or immediately – they will make sure that things go according to plan and stress is kept to a minimum.

“When it came time to move my parents to a senior community, my sister and I were overwhelmed with the amount of work that needed to be done in order to get their house market-ready. My mother was beginning to panic over how to get everything done until The Whit Harvey Group took over. From organizing my parents’ possessions and hiring contractors to paint the exterior, to mulching the front garden, their help was invaluable, and everything went smoothly.”