Time to Start Prepping for the Fall Market

The Whit Harvey Team is currently working with several sellers who will be putting their homes on the market this Fall. Working with our stager, the decluttering process has begun in one Ruxton home, and painting and kitchen updating has begun in another house in Homeland. Every August we get very excited about introducing new properties to the market, and we work very hard with our sellers throughout the summer to make sure that their homes are absolutely show-ready when it comes time to list.

We provide our clients with a punch-list of things to do that will ensure the largest return on their investment. Each home may have specific needs, but here are some general tips that every seller should be doing this summer in order to be ready to list this Fall.

Exterior Photos

Even if your interior isn’t quite ready for prime time, have professional photos taken of the exterior now. Once the weather turns cold, trees lose their leaves, and the garden begins to look tired. Capture your great yard now, while in full summer bloom. Make sure that dead blooms are removed, and freshen up the mulch and edging on your gardens. Make sure the lawn is mowed, and replace spindly-looking planters with colorful new flowers.

Is there a pool on the property like this one at our listing on Garrison Forest Road? With summertime lush grass and blue skies, now is the time to take pictures.

Indoor Maintenance

Before the weather turns cold, make sure your heating and hot water systems are functioning properly. If you have a fireplace, have the chimney cleaned and clear out last year’s ashes if you haven’t yet.

As the Days Get Shorter, Add Light.

Inside, make sure all of the bulbs in recessed lighting and chandeliers are working. You may not notice those burned out bulbs during the long summer days, but come fall you will, and inside your home, the brighter the better. Inexpensive solar lighting outside will highlight your landscaping and walkways.

Painting: Best Bang for Your Buck

Throw open those windows and get painting! Not sure about the colors? Check out websites like Houzz, Pinterest, and HGTV to see what’s trending in 2017. Eye catching pop colors may be tempting, but it’s best to stay with a more neutral palette to appeal to the widest range of buyer.

Ditch the Seasonal Décor

You love Halloween, and can’t wait to put cobwebs on the bushes and scary skeletons on the porch. Well, maybe not this year. A few tasteful pumpkins and a corn stalk may have to suffice in October. Effective staging in November can include settings that make the home look ready to host a Thanksgiving dinner, and winter holiday garlands can be beautiful. Most stagers recommend staying away from overtly religious decorations such as menorahs and nativity scenes, and as always with staging less is more. If your house is still on the market during the holidays, keep in mind that less is more…at least for this year.

As always, the Whit Harvey Group is here to help you get ready to list your home. We have an extensive list of vetted painters, plumbers, electricians and landscapers and we can act as your general contractor to coordinate all of the work, so you can get on with your life while we handle the rest.